AL-PANEL ACP | The First Acp Factory in Oman
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Al-Panel™ is a Mohammed Riaz & Partners LLC brand and is exclusively produced in Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman.

About Al-Panel™

Al-Panel™ is a Mohammed Riaz & Partner LLC brand and is exclusively produced in Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman. We are specialized in manufacturing colored aluminum coils, Aluminium composite panels, project Fire-rated panels and kitchen Panels. Our management and engineers have more than 10 years experience in manufacturing.

We are one of the largest investigation and development groups of the industry. Our products are high quality and we provide unrivalled service, our products have been approved and used all over the world by our growing list of trusting and satisfied users.

Our factory was established in the Muscat in 2014 with the aim to serve our customers better, to provide the best services and competitive prices. The initial investment in the factory was $40 million with advanced production lines, professional techniques and a management team.

The annual output is 5 million sqm of aluminum coils broken up as;

  • 1 million sqm of B1 Fire-rated panels
  • 1 million sqm of A2 aluminum honeycomb panels
  • 3 million sqm of normal aluminum panels

We look to reach the highest standards and have passed the ASTM-E84 quality system, gaining a grade A certificate for our fire-rated products. The aluminum honeycomb panel have reached Grade A2 which satisfies any requirement for international projects.

AL-PANEL™ panels quality remains the leader in its industry and is a clear choice when choosing the cladding for your next project.




Know our Product

ACP is short form for Aluminum composite panels, also known as aluminum composite materials or acm. It is a kind of new material, composed of laminate 2 color painted aluminum sheets with plastic cores, in the plate form and with the thickness from 2mm-7mm.

ACP is a new material for advertising and architecture, it has many features than traditional materials, it is solid, string hard but light weight, it has multiple colors and good weather resistance, and also it is easy to be fabricated into different shapes